This past weekend I re-examined my 2017 budget. Why? As part of The DIY Millionaire’s spring cleaning challenge, I had encouraged you to find at least 2-3 new savings opportunities. So I took the challenge myself and lo and behold I found two new ways to save in 2017. I recently posted about how I had saved $12K in 2016, and for my 2017 budget, my goal is I want to save even more than that amount. These extra two savings will help me achieve that objective.

Here’s 2 ways I found and plan to save another $250 this year. (And keep reading to see how that amount can turn into ~$2,500.)

  1. Save your savings from retail store discounts. You know when you’re going shopping for clothes at your favorite store and there’s a huge discount going on? Recently, I went shopping at the Gap and saw there was a “buy one, get the other 50% off” deal. I hadn’t bought a new pair of jeans in a while, and so I indulged a bit. I mean, you can’t beat that deal! For example, at my last trip, my receipt said that I saved $52.46 due to the discount promotion going on. So what better place to put those savings then back into your savings!
  2. Save your savings from grocery/drug store rewards programs. Are you signed up for rewards programs at your local grocery or drug stores? Like with Walgreens, CVS, Jewel, Kroger, etc.? If yes, your rewards balance may show you how much you saved on your last transaction. Save those savings, too! For example, at my last trip to Jewel, my receipt said I saved $35.60 due to deals and coupons. And at Walgreens recently I saved $1, but heck I saved that too! I immediately saved those savings back into my savings!

Lesson Learned #1: No savings are too small. $250 might not seem big today, but it means a lot when you put it into an emergency fund or re-route to your 401(k), letting it grow over the long-term for tomorrow. For example, let’s say I invested that $250 today in the stock market, which returns 8% over the long-term, and I didn’t touch it for the next 30 years, but let it compound. How much would I have at the end of 30 years? I’d have $2,515! Nice!

Lesson Learned #2: Therefore you see that even a small amount saved today, can provide you with big returns in the future (albeit far future, but still). So, start implementing these two easy-peasy steps today, and save yourself a couple hundred dollars today so you can earn thousands tomorrow.

(P.S. I’m projecting that based on these savings actuals for this year so far, that over the rest of the year I can project that the total savings will amount to around $250. Projecting is a natural part of the budgeting and saving process. You project savings and then you record the actuals.)

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