The digital proof of From Millennial to Millionaire: DIY 401(k) has arrived!

I’m happy to share snippets of pages of my book in today’s post. We are so close to publication, and I’m excited that From Millennial to Millionaire: DIY 401(k) will soon be published on Amazon. My book is focused squarely on do-it-yourself 401(k) investing for the millennial generation. To get my book launch-ready, I’ve spent this summer working with my publishing team over at Amazon’s CreateSpace on the editing, the cover design and interior formatting. I hope my book helps you in your new or continuing journey to take ownership over your retirement planning and investing.

Sneak Peek 1

Below is a preview of Step 1: Yes, you can DIY your 401(k). In this chapter, we look at what you need to get started with DIY investing with your 401(k). We first look at everything you need to know about your 401(k), from annual contribution limits, vesting schedules, qualified distributions, and much more that you need to know now. We will look at the ingredients that will help you build the mentality and capabilities to take investing into your own hands. After reading the chapter, you’ll have an improved understanding of what a 401(k) is and how you can drive it going forward.

Sneak Peek 2

At the end of each chapter, I provide a summary and takeaways so that you have the main points that can get you started investing today, which can translate into next steps to help you put all of the book’s fruitful ideas into action. Here’s a snippet of the summary and takeaways from Step 5. These can be great for folks who just want an executive summary of sorts from each chapter, or a quick refresher on each of the topics.


Sneak Peek 3

As an added bonus, I provide case studies throughout the book to help illustrate investing behavior and results. Even better, you can then replicate these cases on your own in Microsoft Excel to get a richer understanding of your 401(k) given certain variables (age, salary, expected retirement age, and stock market return) under certain circumstances. The case studies go through various illustrative situations that you may encounter as a young investor.

The next step is some small edits with the interior formatting, but soon the book will be on Amazon, available in paperback and eBook!

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