Fall has begun, and it’s an excellent time – when the seasons change – to rethink your personal finances, especially around how to save more of your hard-earned money. I already posted on how you can make your 401(k) fit for the fall. (1) Pick up my new 401(k) book, (2) Sign up for your plan’s annual increase program, and (3) Make sure to assign a beneficiary. But what about saving more money? You might think, ‘well I can’t sign up for an increase program because I don’t have any extra money to give.’ Wrong! You do. Here’s three ways you can save this fall.

  1. No pumpkin spiced lattes. Sure, indulge in one or two. But buying one each day is going to cost your wallet big time. This drink can cost up to almost $5/day, which amounts to $25 per work week, and $100/month. Save that for three months, and voila you have $300 you can save in an emergency fund or put back into your 401(k). In fact, just cut out buying any coffee products from coffee shops, such as Starbucks, Peets, etc. Instead, brew your own coffee at home. And even better, there’s pumpkin spiced coffee you can purchase at a way cheaper cost and that will last you longer, saving you money this fall.
  2. Watch the fall TV lineup exclusively on Netflix/Hulu. I can’t stress how much of a waste of money cable is if you have Netflix/Hulu. For some reason, my cable bill seems to go up and up, and then I have to call and negotiate to get it back down. I recently purchased a Roku Express, and it’s a great way to stream all your favorite channels. The Roku cost me a one-time fee of $29. I just cut cable out of my already intermittent TV-watching life. This can save you big time, sometimes north of $100/month or more. I’m sure the new episodes of Will and Grace will stream sooner or later on Hulu!
  3. Buy your fall fashion on sale. Fall is the time for comfy sweaters, cardigans, cute jackets and everything else that makes fashion feel like the best time ever to show off your own fashionista identify. But you can save big if you shop only during fall sales at your favorite retailers, or shop at outlet stores where the quality is just as good for a bargain price. You can save a lot of money by looking around diligently for when your favorite stores are offering that cute tartan cardigan for a bargain price, or even better at the end of the season stack of up on items for next year when many fall fashions go on sale.

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