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From Millennial to Millionaire


My new book “From Millennial to Millionaire: DIY 401(k) – 5 Do-It-Yourself Steps for the Digital Generation to Design and Manage their 401(k)” is available in paperback on Amazon. It’s the millennials’ indispensable comprehensive and actionable 401(k) guide.

What does the book covers?

In my book, you’ll learn about 401(k) investing in easy-to-understand terms. The book provides five steps to set up, fund and manage your 401(k) on your own. Want to become a DIY investor, cultivate your investing knowledge, and grow your wealth and retirement security? This is the 401(k) book for you. Remember, hardly anyone gets a pension anymore (and you don’t want to live on Social Security alone), so saving for retirement needs to start now. The book discusses:

  • Step 1 shows you how to build your DIY mentality and how to get started investing in your 401(k) account.
  • Step 2 helps you define your retirement-income needs and provides guidance on how much to save and budget.
  • Step 3 demonstrates how to determine what type of 401(k) account is best for your specific financial and tax situation.
  • Step 4 provides direction on how to design a diversified 401(k) portfolio that maximizes returns and lowers costs.
  • Step 5 demonstrates how you can self-manage your account so that your portfolio value stays aligned to your personalized goals.

Who will benefit from the book?

  • Recent college graduates in their early to midtwenties who are eager to learn DIY investing, understand their 401(k) plan, and start their journey toward financial empowerment
  • Young professionals in their late twenties and even late thirties who need to catch up or want a new perspective on their 401(k) investing
  • Workers who currently aren’t offered a 401(k) but, when and if offered one, want to be as knowledgeable as possible to get started ASAP


“Thoroughly explained book about 401(k)s!…After reading ‘From Millennial to Millionaire: DIY 401(k)’ I realized that investing is pretty simple..if you follow the exact steps to investing in your 401(k), you are guaranteed to retire a millionaire (no kidding)!” – Financially Mint

“If you’re looking for a book about retirement, Matthew K. Miller’s From Millennial to Millionaire: DIY 401(k): Five do-it-yourself steps for the digital generation to design and manage their 401(k)  is a great start for the novice investor who wants a DIY retirement plan.” – Quoted in “Gen X Retirement Won’t be a Fantasy with these 4 Steps” on Forbes


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