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Let’s examine today’s Millennial. You’re straddled with debt; you’re discouraged by your budget; you’re dealing with credit issues. You have so many financial obligations and concerns, and yet you know deep down you should be saving for retirement. Maybe you have a 401(k) and you haven’t touched it, but you’re curious to learn more. Or maybe you have one and you just want to take more accountability for its design and management. I’m here to help in multiple ways to inspire and inform you.

I’m offering the following services…

  • 401(k) second look. As a financial coach, I want to help you build your mentality and skills to take ownership over your retirement investing. In a one hour session, we will walk through your 401(k) and I’ll provide you the tools and techniques to build a low-cost high performing 401(k) portfolio. We will look at all of your plan’s features (vesting schedules, eligibility requirements, etc.) along with the funds in your plan. At the end you’ll have a portfolio that just right for you and your investment goals.
  • Speaking engagement. Need a speaker to concisely and enthusiastically talk more about the importance of 401(k) investing? I’m your man. As an expert in the field of 401(k) investing, I want to inform and inspire your audiences to think bigger and more broadly than the immediate future. I’ll speak on the importance of DIY investing and walk through the 401(k) in general along with how much to save, what account’s to choose and how to build the right portfolio.
  • Freelance writing. As the author of “From Millennial to Millionaire: DIY 401(k),” I’m an experienced writer in the field of 401(k) investing. Need a writer to talk about multiple angels related to 401(k) investing? How about topics on how to save and budget so you can invest? Or the interplay between debt repayment plans and saving for retirement?

I would love to work with you. Please fill out the form below to contact me if you are interested in any of these services. I’d be happy to help! Let’s get you on your way from Millennial to Millionaire!

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